frivolus 2018

Detailed festival programme

All performances are free of charge, but the artists will be glad of every coin in the hat.

Between 10am and 12am there will be a children’s workshop next to Triglav café and Vanilla teahouse, while in Park Hlavaty you will be able to enjoy a presentation and an exhibition of puppets.

The performances will take place from 4pm to 10pm in the old part of Koper, specifically on Tito and Carpaccio square, on Čevljarska Street, on the square next to Triglav café and Vanilla teahouse, on the panorama next to the elevator (Belveder) and on the city promenade.

Main evening events will take place on Friday and Saturday on Titov square at 9pm. On Friday, 31. 8., there will be a Fire Show and sword swallower Murray Molloy, and on Saturday, 1. 9., a multi-instrumentalist and a self-taught Roberto Heruzzo will be performing, as well as Aerial Circus with a performance of hammock acrobatics, called Aquarium.

In the case of bad weather, the performances will unfold from August 31st to September 1st in Youth center Koper, and on September 2nd in Taverna.

Detailed schedule and locations of the performances are available here.
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The Records Breaker dreams about being famous and having loads of fans; and he will do anything to achieve this dream. He is not very handsome, not very smart and not very strong, but he has something that makes him different from anyone else, he counts with an unbreakable self-esteem… 50 minutes of energy and original comedy, where the character tries to demonstrate that his deeds are worth watching. “Deadly jumps”, “paranormal abilities”, “physical skills”, “incredible attempts” and much more …

A magician that every time he decides to do something, everything goes wrong. He tries to be the best, but in reality, he is more of a clown. Maybe at the end he will present himself as a worthy magician.

Show full of juggling and salsa dancing, where explosion and mystic are perfectly combined. All that, mixed with technic, humour and improvisation, has a special effect on the viewers. Be aware … someone may just become a star of the show.

A unicycle and a whip combined with Mona in this journey of laughter and amazement, of skill and clumsiness. A circus show through the language of gesture for all audiences. Transforming the ideas in your mind, she will captivate us with her sense of humour and her dexterity.
Living statues that entertain the audience in every possible way with their original ideas. With their uniqueness, they are sure to catch someone’s eye. If you throw a coin to them, they might surprise you.

A show that defies death, pain and reason. Watch this crazy Irishman do things with a toilet seat that you never thought were possible. And for the grand finale: one of a kind sword swallowing.

Rolanda, a tender character that seems to come from another time. Family friendly one-woman show, combining the clown’s fun with circus skills like ball spinning, contortionism, umbrella balancing and juggling.

Kufrband: A street performance with live music, instruments and movements that will take you to the edge of gravitation. Juggling, humour and stunts for all generations.
31.8. Tito square at 19.00
Verdi Street at 17.15
Fire show: all things begin with a little spark. If we catch the spark and nurture it, a small flame arises that starts a passion. When that flame of passion is being blown with love, we are able to worm all hearts of the world.
31.8. Tito square at 21.00

The story speaks of finding balance and the nurturing forces in us, in nature and in our relations to it and all that is around us. It speaks of oceans and seas that are becoming more and more polluted. It speaks of the need for transformation, a change within us and consequently in our environment. Life in the sea depths is a mystery, where the gravitation is lost, where the creatures float effortlessly, and where the sounds are intertwined with stories, until it is ruined by a force of a greedy machine.  
1.9. Tito square at 21.00

Blink Circus is a unique wandering exhibition in a Victorian style. All 130 pictures can be seen only with magnifying glasses and special lightings, which create a three-dimensional effect. The viewer will be on this journey of discovery surrounded by lighting and synchronized sound … without a time limit.  
31.8. - 2.9.: Belveder (Vergerij square) from 17.00 to 20.00

This show is inspired by the work of Odilon Redon, a French artist from the period of symbolism. His aesthetically dark work full of dream characters was a source of inspiration for this street intervention. Creating moving images, characters that come out of Redon paintings to take life and interact with the audience.
Multi-instrumentalist and self-taught, he offers performances with instruments, classified as daily objects, and even instruments built by himself. He has been selected as a semi-finalist in Spain’s Got Talent.
1.9. Tito square at 21.00 – evening performance

HOOPnosis is so much more than just a circus show. It is a ritual and a magical ceremony of memorable acrobatics. The luckiest in the audience have a privilege to experience hypnosis by themselves, to be a part of a physical and acrobatic experience, to do something that they have never even expected to do before.